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In the rolling hills of the Northern Colorado High Plains desert, one farm stands out from the rest. It’s the farm where a small band of Curly horses prefer to dig under the snow for grass, even in a storm, than eat hay tossed to them. It’s a place where fences need to be strong and never plastic. Water heaters in troughs are for smashing. Dogs are chased and tools are stolen from the back of four-wheelers by curly coated marauders.

Are the curlies worth the trouble? Check out our website and decide for yourself.

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2012 Six Curly horses— ••Frosty, Thunder, •Gypsy, •Chamois, •Teak, •Bonny Lass  (*Wild Caught mustang parents with a curly sire) (**Two Curly wild caught mustang parents)

2019 Eight Curly Horses—Chamois, Frosty, Gypsy, Cody, Gracie, Bonny Lass, (Missing Thunder and Curly)

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